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The Woman Code: 20 Powerful Keys To Unlock Your Life [Hardcover]

Item : The Woman Code: 20 Powerful Keys To Unlock Your Life [Hardcover]
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Category : Books
Author Author : Sophia A. Nelson
ISBN-10 ISBN-10 : 0800723880
ISBN-13 ISBN-13 : 9780800723880
Publisher Publisher : Revell
Pages Pages : 272
Binding Binding : Hardcover
Item ID : 100364637

Every woman lives by a code, whether she realizes it or not. It informs how she treats others and herself, how much she expects of herself, and how far she is willing to go in order to find success. But is the code we're living by truly helping us create the lives of purpose and fulfillment we desire? Or are we sacrificing the deeper things for mere achievement?

In this inspiring book, Sophia A. Nelson calls women to live out a powerful life code that will lead them to purposeful and successful lives. With the wisdom that comes from experience, Nelson reveals to women

? the true meaning of having it all
? how to take better care of their minds, bodies, and souls
? how to achieve professional excellence without compromising their values
? how to find lasting love and purpose in life beyond their accomplishments
? how to navigate the sisterhood of women, to build collaboration rather than competition
? how to heal from past hurts, rejection, and life's inevitable storms
? and much more

The Woman Code is a way of living, of navigating life's challenges, and of interacting positively with other women. It's a way of pursuing our dreams and our deepest desires. It reveals a universal and timeless set of principles of the mind, body, and spirit that help women balance the demands of work, home, family, and friendship. The Woman Code not only calls on women to practice purpose in their lives, it shows them how to do it with grace.

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