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What The Best College Students Do [Hardcover]

Item : What The Best College Students Do [Hardcover]
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Category : Books
Author Author : Ken Bain
ISBN-10 ISBN-10 : 0674066642
ISBN-13 ISBN-13 : 9780674066649
Publisher Publisher : Belknap Press
Pages Pages : 304
Binding Binding : Hardcover
Item ID : 100019209

The author of the best-selling bookWhat the Best College Teachers Dois back with more humane, doable, and inspiring help, this time for students who want to get the most out of collegeand every other educational enterprise, too.

The first thing they should do? Think beyond the transcript. The creative, successful people profiled in this bookcollege graduates who went on to change the world we live inaimed higher than straight As. They used their four years to cultivate habits of thought that would enable them to grow and adapt throughout their lives.

Combining academic research on learning and motivation with insights drawn from interviews with people who have won Nobel Prizes, Emmys, fame, or the admiration of people in their field, Ken Bain identifies the key attitudes that distinguished the best college students from their peers. These individuals started out with the belief that intelligence and ability are expandable, not fixed. This led them to make connections across disciplines, to develop a meta-cognitive understanding of their own ways of thinking, and to find ways to negotiate ill-structured problems rather than simply looking for right answers. Intrinsically motivated by their own sense of purpose, they were not demoralized by failure nor overly impressed with conventional notions of success. These movers and shakers didnt achieve success by making success their goal. For them, it was a byproduct of following their intellectual curiosity, solving useful problems, and taking risks in order to learn and grow.

Some very good books are worth reading for a few splendid pages alone.Ken Bain'sWhat the Best College Students Dois one such book. His interview with the TV satirist Stephen Colbert is revealing both for its insight into Colbert and for its ideas on how higher education ought to work...What the Best College Students Docombines interviews with a review of academic research on university learning. Tl

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