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Rescue Rabbits: Portraits & Stories of Bunnies Finding Happy Homes [Paperback]

Item : Rescue Rabbits: Portraits & Stories of Bunnies Finding Happy Homes [Paperback]
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Category : Books
Author Author : Maynard, Susannah
ISBN-10 ISBN-10 : 1682033740
ISBN-13 ISBN-13 : 9781682033746
Publisher Publisher : Amherst Media
Pages Pages : 128
Binding Binding : Paperback
Item ID : 102507909

Like dogs and cats, rabbits end up in need of being rescued from life on the streets or kill shelters. It isnt uncommon to find domesticated rabbits abandoned in the wild. Others are found as strays, turned over to rescue groups, dumped at shelters, or retrieved from hoarding situations. While much attention is paid to the fates of cats and dogs in need of homes, rabbits awaiting adoptive forever homes rarely find themselves in the limelightbut rabbits need love, too.In this book, author and pet photographer Susannah Maynard draws attention to the struggles and triumphs of rabbits in foster care or shelters and chronicles the journeys of bunnies who have found their forever homes. Readers of all ages will enjoy more than 150 personality-filled portraits of rabbitswhether young, elderly, part of a bonded pair, or those with special needsthat show the charming personalities of these cotton-tailed critters.Introduction: Why Rescue?1. Young Rabbits2. Adult Rabbits3. Bonded Pairs4. Special Needs RabbitsIndex 150 top-quality, artful rabbit portraits that will delight rabbit lovers, young and old Information about adopting and caring for rabbitsor volunteering to make a difference for these prospective pets Interesting facts and characteristics of various rabbit breedsThis beautifully photographed collection of rabbit portraits and stories will truly get your heart thumping.Lindsi Jones, photographer, author of Cats in Bow TiesSusannah offered her professional skill and artistic talents to help us out, and her creations are stunningly beautiful. We are so very grateful for her dedication to helping rescue groups find homes for the animals in our care and her continuing advocacy for rescue pets. Susannahs work is truly making a life-saving difference!Keith Zimmerman, The Buckeye House Rabbit SocietyEnjoy personality-rich photographs of rabbits and the stories behind their journeys from shelters/rescues to loving homes.

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