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Photopolymerisation Initiating Systems [Hardcover]

Item : Photopolymerisation Initiating Systems [Hardcover]
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ISBN-10 ISBN-10 : 1782629629
ISBN-13 ISBN-13 : 9781782629627
Publisher Publisher : Royal Society of Chemistry
Pages Pages : 574
Binding Binding : Hardcover
Item ID : 101361221

Edited by experienced editors and leading names in the field, the book provides an update on the latest developments in the research of photoinitiating systems along with their applications. The book is suitable for postgraduate students and researchers in academia and industry interested in polymer chemistry, organic chemistry, materials science and the applications of the materials.Thioxanthone Photoinitiators with Heterocyclic Extended Chromophores; Long-wavelength-sensitive Radical Photoinitiators; Cationic Photoinitiators; Monomeric and Polymeric Photoinitiators; Photoinitiators for Blue to Red LED Exposures; How to Design Novel Photoinitiators for Blue Light; Photocatalysts as Photoinitiators; Controlled Reversible Deactivation Radical Photopolymerization; Photosynthesis of Polymeric Particles; Photoinitiators in Ionic Liquids; Photoinitiators in Dentistry: Challenges and Advances; ZnO Nanoparticle-based Photoinitiators; Water-soluble Photoinitiators: Present and Future; NIR Light for Initiation of Photopolymerization; DpA-type Sulfonium Salt Photoinitiators for Photopolymerizations Under Near-UV and Visible Light-emitting Diodes; Photopolymers for Third-generation Solar Cells; Photopolymers for Third-generation Solar Cells; Emulsion Photopolymerization; Conclusion

Photoinitiating systems play a key role in the starting point of a polymerization reaction under exposure to a UV or a visible light. The number of publications discussing photoinitiating systems for polymerization has seen a significant growth in recent years and this book provides an update on their latest research developments.

The book covers different types of photoinitiating systems including UV radical photoinitiators, long wavelength sensitive radical photoinitiators, cationic photoinitiators and water soluble photoinitiators as well as a chapter on how to design novel photoinitiators. The book then focusses on the applications of the photoinitiators from nanoparticles and materiallĂs

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