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On Feeling, Knowing, and Valuing: Selected Writings [Paperback]

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  • Category: Books
  • Author: Scheler, Max
  • Author: Scheler, Max
  • ISBN-10: 0226736717
  • ISBN-10: 0226736717
  • ISBN-13: 9780226736716
  • ISBN-13: 9780226736716
  • Publisher: University Of Chicago Press
  • Publisher: University Of Chicago Press
  • Pages: 278
  • Pages: 278
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Binding: Paperback
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One of the pioneers of modern sociology, Max Scheler (1874-
1928) ranks with Max Weber, Edmund Husserl, and Ernst
Troeltsch as being among the most brilliant minds of his
generation. Yet Scheler is now known chiefly for his
philosophy of religion, despite his groundbreaking work in
the sociology of knowledge, the sociology of emotions, and
phenomenological sociology. This volume comprises some of
Scheler's most interesting work—including an analysis of the
role of sentiments in social interaction, a sociology of
knowledge rooted in global social and cultural comparisons,
and a cross-cultural theory of values—and identifies some of
his important contributions to the discussion of issues at
the forefront of the social sciences today.

Editor Harold J. Bershady provides a richly detailed
biographical portrait of Scheler, as well as an incisive
analysis of how his work extends and integrates problems of
theory and method addressed by Durkheim, Weber, and Parsons,
among others.

Harold J. Bershady, professor of sociology at the University
of Pennsylvania, is the author ofIdeology and Social
Knowledgeand the editor ofSocial Class and
Democratic Leadership.

Heritage of Sociology series
Introduction by Harold J. Bershady
I. The Emotions and Social Life
1. The Planes of Feeling
2. Community of Feeling, Fellow Feeling, Vicarious Feeling, Emotional Infection
3. Emotional Identification
4. Fellow Feeling, Benevolence, Forms and Kind of Love
5. The Meaning of Suffering
6. Negative Feelings and the Destruction of Values: Ressentiment
II. Knowledge and Social Life
7. Love and Knowledge
8. Problems of a Sociology of Knowledge
9. Formal Problems of the Sociology of Knowledge
III. Values and Social Life
10. The Spheres of Values
11. The Experience of the Value Nature of the l)

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