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National Audubon Society Guide to Marine Mammals of the World [Hardcover]

Item : National Audubon Society Guide to Marine Mammals of the World [Hardcover]
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Author Author : National Audubon Society
ISBN-10 ISBN-10 : 0375411410
ISBN-13 ISBN-13 : 9780375411410
Publisher Publisher : Knopf
Pages Pages : 528
Binding Binding : Hardcover
Item ID : 100415100

Written by a team of experts and featuring hundreds of illustrations, photographs, and maps, the most authoritative, up-to-date, and accessible information on marine mammals--perfect for your outdoor excursions or your home library.

The National Audubon Society Guide to Marine Mammals of the Worlddescribes in fascinating detail all 120 species of the world's whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and sea lions, manatees, Marine and Sea Otters, and the Polar Bear. Organized by the four major groups of marine mammals—marine fissipeds, pinnipeds, cetaceans, and sirenians—the species descriptions include:

Full-color paintings, color photographs showing appearance in the wild and illustrating typical behaviors, life history data, range and habitat text and a full-color range map based on the most current information. Facts about social organization, surface behaviors, swimming, and diving. Information on mating behavior, breeding, and the rearing of young. Details about food items and foraging techniques. Estimates of population in the wild, plus current and historic threats.

A general introduction outlines the evolution and taxonomy of marine mammals, distribution, migration, watching guidelines, identification techniques, organizations and laws that protect marine mammals, and more.

Introductions to groups include comparative size illustrations, discussion of behaviors particular to the group, and other unique features.

A useful illustrated glossary of terms and an index of species names complete the guide."This wonderful synthesis of paintings, photographs, and text is a fitting tribute to all the majestic mammals that once left the world's waters, evolved on land, and then returned to the sea."
-Carl Zimmer, author ofAt the Water's EdgeandEvolution: The Triumph of an Idea

"This comprehensive and beautifully illustrated work allows a much deeper lÓ9

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