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Drama Education and Dramatherapy: Exploring the space between disciplines [Paperback]

Item : Drama Education and Dramatherapy: Exploring the space between disciplines [Paperback]
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Category : Books
Author Author : Holmwood, Clive
ISBN-10 ISBN-10 : 1138683280
ISBN-13 ISBN-13 : 9781138683280
Publisher Publisher : Routledge
Pages Pages : 204
Binding Binding : Paperback
Item ID : 100761496

Dramatherapy is increasingly being used in schools and educational establishments as a way of supporting young peoples emotional needs. This book examines the space between drama education and Dramatherapy exploring the questions: Does a therapist teach? When does the role of the drama teacher border on that of therapist? How do these two professions see and understand each other and the roles they play?

In Drama Education and Dramatherapy,Clive Holmwood draws on his experience as a Dramatherapist and examines the history of drama education and Dramatherapy, exploring the social, political, therapeutic and artistic influences that have impacted these two professions over the last century. He also discusses how these fields are intrinsically linked and examines the liminal qualities betwixt and between them. The book considers two specific case studies, from the therapist's and teacher's perspectives discussing what happens in the drama class and therapy space including how the dramatic form is understood, explored and expressed both educationally and therapeutically. The them and us mentality, which often exists in two different professions that share a common origin is also explored. The book contemplates how teachers and Dramatherapists can work collaboratively in the future, bringing down barriers that exist between them and beginning a working dialogue that will ultimately and holistically support the children and young people they all work with.

This book will be of interest to those involved in using drama in an educational or therapeutic context, including: drama teachers, arts therapists, teachers of arts therapy and researchers within wider arts, applied arts and educational faculties within colleges and universities.


Chapter 1: Drama, Dramatherapy and Anthropology

Chapter 2: Theatre and Therapy

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