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Detection Challenges in Clinical Diagnostics: RSC [Hardcover]

Item : Detection Challenges in Clinical Diagnostics: RSC [Hardcover]
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ISBN-10 ISBN-10 : 184973612X
ISBN-13 ISBN-13 : 9781849736121
Publisher Publisher : Royal Society of Chemistry
Pages Pages : 246
Binding Binding : Hardcover
Item ID : 100062494

There are many remaining challenges impeding future progress in the field of Clinical Diagnostics. This book presents a technical assessment and vision of clinical leaders, scoping the clinical and other diagnostic needs and the bottle-necks in their cognate fields. Issues of real environmental biological measurements from the perspective of the end-user are presented and thus the book serves to inform the direction of the fundamental scientific efforts. Both editors are experienced practitioners within biosensor technology and are involved first-hand in healthcare and clinical applications of detection science.

Advances in clinical diagnostic devices are moving exponentially, and it is believed that this sector is only at the beginning of the curve. Star Trek fans will point to the medical 'Tricorder' as the ultimate end result of clinical diagnostic research, but will accept it is probably several centuries away from reality. In contrast, tens of millions of blood samples are routinely drawn daily to be followed by automated and highly efficient analysis to determine the origins, presence or incipient onset of potential illnesses. Most results are guides, rather than specific indicators, that include glucose, electrolytes, blood fats, thyroid function, kidney function, blood cell counts, PSA tests and other ELISA evaluations. Many researchers are currently evaluating the presence of cancer marker proteins with an ever increasing success rate. It is clear once a diagnostic method is clinically approved and automated it becomes a huge resource of relevant and valuable information to the medical profession.

Without these data, medical practitioners cannot provide accurate diagnosis and ongoing treatment. Consequently, proven diagnostic devices are needed, in demand and willingly accepted by all parties. There is currently a large gap between technology in use and technology available. Bio­sensors and 'lab-on-a-chip' devices potentially offer rapid label-flÉ)

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