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Designing Multi-Target Drugs: RSC [Hardcover]

Item : Designing Multi-Target Drugs: RSC [Hardcover]
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ISBN-10 ISBN-10 : 1849733627
ISBN-13 ISBN-13 : 9781849733625
Publisher Publisher : Royal Society of Chemistry
Pages Pages : 394
Binding Binding : Hardcover
Item ID : 100062396

Multi-target drug discovery (MTDD) is an emerging area of increasing interest to the drug discovery community. Drugs that modulate several targets have the potential for an improved balance of efficacy and safety compared to single targets agents. Although there are a number of marketed drugs that are thought to derive their therapeutic benefit by virtue of interacting with multiple targets, the majority of these were discovered accidentally. Written by world renowned experts, this is the first book to gather together knowledge and experiences of the rational discovery of multi-target drugs. It describes the current state of the art, the achievements and the challenges of the field and importantly the lessons learned by researchers to date and their application to future MTDD.This book is intended to provide an integrated and comprehensive overview of modern approaches to multi-target drug discovery (MTDD) and the state of our knowledge in the over-arching field of polypharmacology. Given the intense current interest in this field, the editors hope that the book will be of significant interest to medicinal and computational chemists in the commercial sector and in academia, as well as the wider drug discovery community. Many readers will already be aware of the serendipitous nature of the discovery of many existing multi-target drugs. In this book the editors focus on the rational and practical execution of MTDD. The chapters are written by widely recognized experts and opinion leaders in the field. The first challenge of MTDD is to identify biologically validated combinations of targets relevant to a disease state. However it is equally important that these disease relevant combinations are chemically tractable from a medicinal chemistry perspective. The book thus follows a natural thread from target identification and validation, through lead generation and lead optimisation, and finally to clinical development. A key feature of the book is a collection of seminalls•

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