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Atmospheric Reaction Chemistry [Hardcover]

Item : Atmospheric Reaction Chemistry [Hardcover]
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Category : Books
Author Author : Akimoto, Hajime
ISBN-10 ISBN-10 : 4431558683
ISBN-13 ISBN-13 : 9784431558682
Publisher Publisher : Springer
Binding Binding : Hardcover
Item ID : 100048604

This book is aimed at graduate students and research scientists interested in gaining a deeper understanding of atmospheric chemistry, fundamental photochemistry, and gas phase and heterogeneous reaction kinetics. It also provides all necessary spectroscopic and kinetic data, which should be useful as reference sources for research scientists in atmospheric chemistry. As an application of reaction chemistry, it provides chapters on tropospheric and stratospheric reaction chemistry, covering tropospheric ozone and photochemical oxidant formation, stratospheric ozone depletion and sulfur chemistry related to acid deposition and the stratospheric aerosol layer. This book is intended not only for students of chemistry but also particularly for non-chemistry students who are studying meteorology, radiation physics, engineering, and ecology/biology and who wish to find a useful source on reaction chemistry.

Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry.- Dawn of Modern Chemistry and Chemistry of Atmosphere.- Chemistry of Atmosphere to Atmospheric Chemistry.- Textbooks of Atmospheric Chemistry.- Fundamentals of Chemical Reactions.- Photochemistry and Photolytic Reactions.- Bimolecular Reactions.- Termolecular and Unimolecular Reactions.- Multiphase Heterogeneous Reactions.- Solar Radiation and Actinic Flux.- Solar Spectrum Outside of the Atmosphere.- Attenuation of Solar Radiation by N2, O2 and O3 in the Atmosphere.- Solar Zenith Angle and Air Mass.- Scattering by Atmospheric Molecule and Particles, and Surface Albedo.- Actinic Flux and Photolysis Rates.- Absorption Spectrum of Atmospheric Molecules, and Photolysis Reactions.- Solar Spectrum in the Troposphere and the Stratosphere.- Photolysis in the Troposphere.- Photolysis in the Stratosphere.- Photolysis of Inorganic Halogen Compounds.- Homogeneous Elementary Reactions in the Atmosphere and Rate Constants.- Reactions of O(3P) and O(1D) Atoms.- Reactions of OH Radicals.- Reactions of HO2 and CH3O2 RadilĂ)

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